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Five Elements Policies

Five Elements is a rural retreat style setting and our policies reflect sharing the land in harmony with nature and other guests.

Smoking and Vaping

Five Elements is a non smoking and non vaping environment. This is for the benefit of all guests and the protection of the forest.  


Five Elements is not suitable for pets.  We can recommend a pet stay on the island.  Please call or email if you need suggestions or have a certified service animal.


Five Elements is not suitable for children under 16, unless all suites are rented for a family retreat.  Please call or email about this option.

Cancellations and Refunds

Five Elements takes bookings directly and through third parties.  A request for a one night deposit upon booking will be made for third party bookings that do not take a deposit directly.  There is a two week full refund policy for  cancellations. After that your first day stay deposit is non refundable.  The entire stay is non refundable for  cancellation within 24 hours or  no shows on arrival day.  We are a small retreat center and late cancellations have blocked anyone else from booking those dates and create a hardship for the owners and for others who also wanted those dates.  However, please communicate circumstances that have affected your plans for us to make exception. 

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